Since its inception in 1991, Stauffer Technologies has grown from an idea to having over 200 installations of Interactive voice response, and Ip PBX systems, along with dozens of custom development projects.  Stauffer Technologies is one of the most respected telecommunications installation and service firms in North Eastern Ohio We are not in business to just sell telephones; We would like to be your communications specialist. Our employees have built a reputation for being detail oriented, innovative, and consistently pushing the technology barrier.

 Our offerings include


switchvox, digium phones
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Our commitment to our customers is simple. Stauffer Technologies  will:
  • Provide you with the highest quality and most reliable telecommunications products available.
  • Install your system efficiently and neatly utilizing only STI employees.
  • Train your staff to utilize the features and functions of the system with emphasis on time-saving benefits.
  • Respond quickly to all service requirements
  • Assist in examining all voice and data communications needs.

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