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"I was truly amazed at how this product, changed our office. The folks from Stauffer Technologies were eager to help!

Ruth Allison / CAC Columbiana

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Stauffer Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a Cleveland, Ohio-based IT Telecommunications Consultant and Telecom Provider for Midsize and small business,  cloud Voice solutions provider,  Telecom and network strategy consulting, as well as application development, integration, and management, featuring:


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In addition to custom work and programming services, Stauffer Technologies has some turnkey products that we offer



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Consider Stauffer Voice Technologies When you are looking to upgrade, or save costs on Business Telephone, Internet, Custom programming, Interact Voice Response, or outsourced IT.


Business Phone Systems

On Premise Or Hosted
Voip or Traditional
Unified Communications
Mobile Clients
Full Call Center Capability



Interactive Voice Response
In House or Hosted
Voice and touch tone driven
4 to 4000 Lines
Web Based Administration



Custom Software
Outsourced IT
Windows or Linux
Hundreds of successful projects
Excellent Support



Long Range Plan Assistance
IT Best practices surveys
Risk evaluation for Takeovers
Temporary IT Director

Customer Testimonials

Installed new IP based phone system in early 2011 and Stauffer Technologies did a great job at getting us up and online quickly. They were able to reuse an existing server we had to help keep costs down. The installation and setup of the software was all done remotely and they worked tirelessly to make sure we met our go live date. Stauffer Technologies is extremely knowledgeable about IP telephony. They were able to program the system to make it work the way we expected. They took the time to listen to our wants and needs and offered us the best solution for our company. I would recommend them for any of your IP telephony needs.

Chris Wanko IT Manager Thermtrol

“I give Stauffer Technologies, Inc. my highest rating for innovativeness and technical abilities. They have consistently demonstrated their willingness to go beyond the quality of service we have expected.  Ken Stauffer has exhibited great foresight for our companies growth and has been very helpful in every assignment we have given him.”

Marty Eble VP/CFO Flow Polymers

"I was truly amazed at how this product, changed our office. What had been strained nerves and constantly busy phones in previous years, has now turned to calm and order thanks to the Advants automated appointment system. The folks from Stauffer Technologies were eager to help and easy to access as well. I don't know how we could do without it!"

Ruth Allison Heap Director Community Action Columbiana

“Since my introduction of voice response systems to Better Business Bureaus in 1987, there have been few meaningful advances in the BBB IVRs until the Advants system.  Its record level direct database level method boosts system accuracy many times.  Its user friendliness and customization are truly amazing for a system in this price range, and its naturalness of text-to-speech makes summary reports possible for the first time.  This system will save any Bureau using it many hundreds of hours each year.  I urge every Bureau to consider this truly world class system.”

Lee Dalrymple VP DAS/Simpact

After reviewing several voice technology options, we selected Stauffer Technologies as our solution provider.
Of the many challenges that we faced, one overarching issue was how ZOOK would link our global businesses under one voice technology platform. The benefit was connecting our valued customers to our knowledge sources within the business with a touch of a button. Customers and employees calling into our Centers of Excellence from around the world could easily connect with associates that could serve their needs without the delay from multiple phone systems. The return on our investment from working with Stauffer Technologies was a simple installation of the Digium solution, knowledgeable service technicians that made the transition smooth, and an immediate savings that had a payback within the first 6 months of implementation. Great products, great service, and great results!

Greg Clark CEO ZOOK Enterprises, LLC