Custom IVR Development, Premise and Hosted

Custom IVR Applications from Stauffer voice technologies

Building robust IVR applications to streamline common interactions Is easy with Advants(tm) Technology.

Customers rely on your interactive voice response (IVR) applications more than ever before to access basic information and complete simple tasks. Designing a robust custom IVR application that is personalized to customer needs, integrated with back-end data and capable of resolving an issue on the customer’s first contact can be a complex process. From proactive outbound Emergency  notification messaging that Is automatic,  and Complex interaction with databases, such as Better Business Bureau Report applications and Find an open appointment for Emergency Assistance, a well designed custom IVR application can make your business more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

If you’d like assistance developing a custom IVR application, the Stauffer Technologies team  has extensive expertise in designing, building, deploying, analyzing and optimizing inbound and outbound applications for businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Our team can assist at all stages of IVR application development, including Design, Programming, testing, deployment and analytics and reporting.

Self-service applications from Stauffer Technologies can be deployed on our robust hosted  cloud network or on-premise, and can interface with any telephone switch.