Telephone Appointment Scheduling System


The Advants10 Telephone appointment scheduling system is capable of automatically scheduling appointments for multiple offices and calendars, pre qualifying the callers and instructing them on what to bring, as well as directions to the office. The caller can then use this versatile system to reschedule or cancel the appointment. The system can then remind the caller of the appointment, accept cancellations and reschedules. The user interface is completely web based and has auto email triggers to notify key people of last minute cancellations.


Features Include
  • Web based calendar and administration screens
  • Administrator can set individual views
  • Stand alone web interface or Outlook integration
  • Email notification
  • Callers can reschedule or cancel over the phone
  • Appointment reminder with cancellation feature
  • Perfect for Medical, Education, Government agencies and nonprofit organizations
  • Frees up important staff time