Affordable Cloud Based IVR, Speech Enabled!

cloud phone system


Advants10 Cloud IVR system, is our hosted version of the award winning Stauffer In house IVR. We provide this system to you as a turn key solution, freeing your staff to do their own work. Systems include state of the art speech recognition and text to speech as standard equipment, available in upwards of 16 languages.

The system is capable of learning as it goes along, and will suggest improvements that can be automatically implemented, or at your option, implemented with staff approval. All operation, reports, and maintenance are provides through an easy to use and user friendly web browser based screens.

Any normal system mode setting, adjustments, status viewing are easily accomplished through this interface. Normal systems are provided with modern speech which dramatically lessen the time it takes for users to get their information. In the case of noisy environments or other event that causes the system to have problems understanding, the user can be transferred to a live representative, or to a traditional touch tone menu.

These systems can often handle as many as 70 percent of your calls, forwarding the more difficult ones to experienced agents! One strength of the Advants10 hosted platform is that can be connected with your database through web services, and virtually any information can be spoken, freeing up your agents for the more difficult situations.

This system is very reliable and has been tested through millions of phone calls. It is native VOIP, and can connect to virtually any phone system. Hosted solution means that you will never again have to worry about broken hardware, software updates, or system replacement, keeping your life simple. We intend to exceed your expectations, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Native VOIP Integrated with virtually any PBX system including Asterisk
  • Offers state of the art speech recognition interface and very high quality text to speech
  • Can be integrated with your scheduling application or CRM database to provide automated, interactive, telephone-based status reporting
  • Automated outbound calling capability for appointment reminder, telemarketing, surveys, etc.
  • Applications include credit unions, education, medical offices, government agencies, and not for profits.
  • Simple web-based administration tools