Digium Switchvox api Custom Programming

Stauffer Technologies, a Digium select partner, can develop custom applications to expand the capabilities of  Switchvox. This open API allows dramatically increased functionality, while protecting the core phone system reliability from being compromised.

— Insurance Industry Caller ID from Database

A local insurance agency likes to keep the personal touch by  having a large ring all group and the have the correct person answer the call. Their local provider does not pass a lot of caller id names, many said “Ohio Call, or Cell phone Ohio, etc. We built a system that, when a call comes in, looks up the customer name in a date base, then changes it on the phones so the agents know who is calling

—  Manufacturing Emergency Night Ring

Several Manufacturing customers want their customers to be able to access somebody at night on an emergency basis. We created an add on system that calls from a list repeatedly until someone accepts the assignment of calling the customer back.  The call list is automatically selected  based on day of week, rotating holidays, etc.

— Auto Parts  for one customer who is a large auto parts company we made a simple web form where

One customer is a large auto parts store. We created a web form where salesmen can input the customers caller id number, so when they call they will be routed straight to the correct person, bypassing the main menu.

— Speak Address looked up from database

We are Currently working on a project for a transportation company  that looks up the customers caller ID in a database, then constructs and speaks their last address to see if that is the desired destination.

— School System Emergency Lock-Down Notification

All public buildings today, such as schools and hospitals need an emergency notification system in case of a medcal or lock-down type emergency.  We recently created this notification system for a school system that has separate notifications, depending on which school, and also

  • Notifies emergency personnel via text
  • Notifies school personnel  via phone
  • Creates a conference bridge where people can connect
  • Plays messages through their Public address system

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