Stauffer Technologies History


The company is owned and operated by Kendall H. Stauffer who has over thirty years experience applying technology to business processes. He recognized the incredible power of computer systems as the owner of a major electronic service center in Cleveland, Ohio. By automating record keeping, customer interaction, and inventory a small number of employees was able to efficiently handle hundreds of transactions daily, in one of the largest operations of its kind in the United States. The team was later able to go on to win the Cleveland Better Business Bureau’s “Innovation in Service” award as well as being recognized by many other partners and customers over the years.

Since 1992 Ken has since focused exclusively on applying similar business automation techniques with his team of technology consultants at Stauffer Technologies. The firm has tackled a range of projects from reworking the billing system for the fourth-largest long distance telecommunications carrier in the United States, manufacturing process control, verification and reporting for a major chemical company in Northeast Ohio, outsourced CTO for several companies, and office automation technologies for Better Business Bureaus. Besides the ongoing development of the Advants TM Next Generation Interactive Voice Response System, the firm is busy providing business technology consulting services to several major companies.