Ubiquiti Product Line

Ubiquiti Product catalog with prices

UBB60GHz/5GHz PtP Bridge Kit with 1Gbps+ Throughput$499.00
UAP-XG1k+ User Wave 2 AP with Security Radio, BLE, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet$799.00
UWB-XGUniFi WiFi Basestation with 10G Ethernet and 1,500 Client Capacity$1,499.00
UAP-AC-HDUniFi Access Point, AC HD$349.00
UAP-AC-HD-5UniFi Access Point, AC HD 5 pack$1,679.00
UAP-AC-SHD802.11AC Wave 2 Access Point with Security Radio and BLE$549.00
UAP-AC-SHD-5802.11AC Wave 2 Access Point with Security Radio and BLE 5 pack$2,649.00
UAP-nanoHD4×4 MU-MIMO 802.11AC Wave 2 Access Point$179.00
UAP-nanoHD-54×4 MU-MIMO 802.11AC Wave 2 Access Point 5 pack$875.00
UAP-nanoHD-34×4 MU-MIMO 802.11AC Wave 2 Access Point 3 pack$527.00
UAP-FlexHDIndoor/Outdoor 4×4 MU-MIMO 802.11AC UniFi Access Point with Versatile Mounting Features$179.00
UAP-AC-LITEUniFi Access Point, AC Lite$89.00
UAP-AC-LRUniFi Access Point, AC Long Range$109.00
UAP-AC-PROUniFi Access Point, AC PRO$149.00
UAP-AC-LITE-5UniFi Access Point, AC Lite 5 pack$399.00
UAP-AC-LR-5UniFi Access Point, AC Long Range 5 pack$499.00
UAP-AC-PRO-5UniFi Access Point, AC PRO 5 pack$699.00
UAP-AC-MUniFi AC Mesh$99.00
UAP-AC-M-PRO-5UniFi AC MESH PRO 5 pack$975.00
UAP-AC-M-5UniFi AC Mesh 5 pack$480.00
UMA-DHigh Efficiency Dual-Band Directional Mesh Antenna$99.00
UAP-AC-IWIn-Wall 802.11AC Wi-Fi Access Point$99.00
UAP-AC-IW-5In-Wall 802.11AC Wi-Fi Access Point 5 pack$480.00
UAP-IW-HDUniFi Access Point InWall Hi-Density$179.00
UAP-IW-HD-JB-25InWall Junction Box for UAP-IW-HD, 25pack$99.00
FlexHD-CM-3Recessed ceiling mount for FlexHD Access Point, 3pack$49.00
U6-LiteWiFi6 xMbps Enterprise AP$99.00
U6-LRWiFi6 xMbps Long-Range Enterprise AP$179.00
U-PRO-MPVersatile mounting system for UAP-AC-PRO, UAP-AC-HD, UAP-AC-SHD, and above$8.50
U-POE-af802.3af supported POE Injector$8.00
nanoHD-RetroFit-3UAP AC Pro to nanoHD Upgrade Mount, 3-Pack$29.00
nanoHD-RCM-3Recessed Ceiling Mount, 3-Pack$49.00
nHD-cover-Concrete-33-Pack (Concrete) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
nHD-cover-Fabric-33-Pack (Fabric) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
nHD-cover-Camo-33-Pack (Camo) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
nHD-cover-Marble-33-Pack (Marble) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
nHD-cover-Black-33-Pack (Black) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
nHD-cover-Wood-33-Pack (Wood) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD$49.00
IW-HD-WD-33-Pack (Wood) Design Upgradable Casing for IW-HD$38.00
IW-HD-CF-33-Pack (Camo) Design Upgradable Casing for IW-HD$38.00
IW-HD-CT-33-Pack (Concrete) Design Upgradable Casing for IW-HD$38.00
IW-HD-MB-33-Pack (Marble) Design Upgradable Casing for IW-HD$38.00
IW-HD-BK-33-Pack (Black) Design Upgradable Casing for IW-HD$38.00
USGUniFi Security Gateway$139.00
USG-PRO-4UniFi Security Gateway Pro, 4-port$344.00
UDMUniFi Dream Machine$299.00
UDM-Pro1U Rackmount 10Gbps UniFi Multi-Application System with 3.5" HDD Expansion and 8Port Switch$379.00
UC-CKUniFi Controller, Cloud Key$99.00
UCK-G2UniFi Cloud Key, G2$179.00
UCK-G2-PLUSUniFi Cloud Key, G2, with HDD$199.00
US-24UniFi Switch, 24 Port$215.00
US-48-750WUniFi Switch, 48 port, 750W$1,025.00
US-48-500WUniFi Switch, 48 port, 500W$835.00
US-24-250WUniFi Switch, 24, 250W$399.00
US-24-500WUniFi Switch, 24, 500W$545.00
US-8-150WUniFi Switch, 8, 150W$199.00
US-48UniFi Switch, 48 Port$415.00
US-16-150WUniFi Switch, 16, 150W$299.00
US-16-XGManaged 16-port 10-Gigabit Switch$599.00
US-88-Port Fully Managed Gigabit Switch with POE passthrough$99.00
US-8-60W8-Port Fully Managed Gigabit Switch with 4 IEEE 802.3af Includes 60W Power Supply$109.00
US-8-58-Port Fully Managed Gigabit Switch with POE passthrough, 5-pack$480.00
US-8-60W-58-Port Fully Managed Gigabit Switch with 4 IEEE 802.3af Includes 60W Power Supply 5 pack$540.00
US-XG-6POE10Gigabit 6-Port 802.3bt UniFi Switch$599.00
USW-IndustrialUniFi Durable Switch with Hi-power 802.3bt PoE support$499.00
USW-Pro-48UniFi Professional 48Port Gigabit Switch with Layer3 Features and SFP+$599.00
USW-Pro-24UniFi Professional 24Port Gigabit Switch with Layer3 Features and SFP+$399.00
USW-48UniFi 48Port Gigabit Switch with SFP$399.00
USW-FlexUniFi Indoor/outdoor 5Port Poe Gigabit Switch with 802.3bt Input Power Support$99.00
USW-Flex-33-Pack UniFi Indoor/outdoor 5Port Poe Gigabit Switch with 802.3bt Input Power Support$280.00
USW-16-POEUniFi 16Port Gigabit Switch with PoE and SFP$299.00
USW-24-POEUniFi 24Port Gigabit Switch with PoE and SFP$379.00
USW-48-POEUniFi 48Port Gigabit Switch with PoE and SFP$589.00
USW-Pro-24-POEUniFi 24Port Gigabit Switch with 802.3bt PoE, Layer3 Features and SFP+$699.00
USW-Pro-48-POEUniFi 48Port Gigabit Switch with 802.3bt PoE, Layer3 Features and SFP+$1,099.00
USW-24UniFi 24Port Gigabit Switch with SFP$225.00
USW-Lite-16-POEUniFi Desktop 16Port Gigabit Switch with PoE$199.00
USW-Lite-8-POEUniFi Low-cost Desktop 8Port Gigabit Switch with POE$109.00
USW-Flex-MiniUniFi Compact 5Port Gigabit Desktop Switch$29.00
USW-Flex-Mini-33-Pack UniFi Compact 5Port Gigabit Switch$85.00
USW-Flex-Mini-55-Pack UniFi Compact 5Port Gigabit Switch$140.00
USW-AggregationUniFi 8Port 10 Gigabit SFP+ Aggregation Switch$269.00
USP-RPSUniFi Redundant Power System$399.00
USP-Plug-USManaged WiFi Power Plug with Switchable Relay$19.00
USP-CableUniFi Smart Power Cable, 1.5M$29.00
TC-ProTough Cable Pro$135.00
TC-CarrierTough Cable Carrier$180.00
TC-GNDTough Cable Connector, ground$750.00
PC-12PowerCable, 12AWG$599.00
UOC-0.5UniFi ODN Cable, .5m$5.00
UOC-1UniFi ODN Cable, 1m$6.00
UOC-2UniFi ODN Cable, 2m$7.00
UOC-3UniFi ODN Cable, 3m$8.00
UOC-5UniFi ODN Cable, 5m$9.00
UC-Patch-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45$2.00
UC-Patch-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black$2.00
UC-Patch-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue$2.00
UC-DAC-SFP+UniFi patch cable (DAC) with both end SFP+$16.00
UC-DAC-SFP28UniFi patch cable (DAC) with both end SFP28$30.00
USW-Flex-UtilityFlex Switch Adapter Kit for Street Light Pole Applications$49.00
UC-Patch-0.3M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 0.3M$2.20
UC-Patch-1M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 1M$2.60
UC-Patch-2M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 2M$3.40
UC-Patch-3M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 3M$4.00
UC-Patch-5M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 5M$5.40
UC-Patch-8M-RJ45UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, white, 8M$7.40
UC-Patch-0.3M-RJ45- BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 0.3M$2.20
UC-Patch-1M-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 1M$2.60
UC-Patch-2M-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 2M$3.40
UC-Patch-3M-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 3M$4.00
UC-Patch-5M-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 5M$5.40
UC-Patch-8M-RJ45-BKUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 8M$7.40
UC-Patch-0.3M-RJ45- BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 0.3M$2.20
UC-Patch-1M-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 1M$2.60
UC-Patch-2M-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 2M$3.40
UC-Patch-3M-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 3M$4.00
UC-Patch-5M-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 5M$5.40
UC-Patch-8M-RJ45-BLUniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 8M$7.40
UC-Patch-RJ45-50UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, 50pack$92.00
UC-Patch-RJ45-BK-50UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, black, 50pack$92.00
UC-Patch-RJ45-BL-50UniFi patch cable with both end bendable RJ45, blue, 50pack$92.00
TC-ConTough Cable Connectors$1,250.00
CKG2-RMG2 Cloud Key Rack Mount$99.00
U-LTE-USUniFi LTE multi-application bridge/AP$199.00
UVC-G3-LEDUVC G3 IR LED Accessory$79.00
UVC-G3-DomeUVC G3 Dome$149.00
UVC-G3-MICROUVC Micro, G3$199.00
UVC-G3-MICRO-5UVC Micro, G3 5 pack$949.00
UVC-G3-PROUVC G3 PRO Camera$299.00
UVC-G3-FLEXUniFi Video Camera, G3, Flex$79.00
UVC-G3-F-CUVC-G3-FLEX Ceiling Mount Accessory$19.00
UVC-G4-DoorBellHD streaming Doorbell Camera with built-in display and UniFi Protect Controller Management$199.00
UVC-G4-PROProfessional Indoor/Outdoor, 4K Video, 3x Optical Zoom, and POE support$449.00
UVC-G3-FLEX-3UniFi Video Camera, G3, Flex 3 pack$229.00
UVC-G3-F-C-3UVC-G3-FLEX Ceiling Mount Accessory, 3 pack$50.00
UVC-G3-PRO-3UVC G3 PRO Camera, 3 pack$889.00
UVC-G3-BULLETUVC G3, Indoor/Outdoor, AF Adapter$149.00
UVC-G3-BULLET-3UVC G3, Indoor/Outdoor, AF Adapter 3 Pack$439.00
UVC-G3-DOME-3UVC G3 Dome 3 Pack$439.00
UVC-G4-PRO-3UVC G4 PRO Camera, 3 pack$1,339.00
UVC-G3-MICRO-3UVC Micro, G3 3 pack$589.00
UVC-G4-PTZUVC Outdoor 4K PTZ Camera$1,800.00
UFP-VIEWPORTUniFi Protect HDMI Live View Appliance$199.00
UVC-G4-BULLETUVC G4 Outdoor/Indoor Camera$199.00
UVC-G3-Flex-PWM-WTProfessional Wall Mount for UVC-G3 Flex$12.00
UVC-G3-Flex-PWM- WT-3Professional Wall Mount for UVC-G3 Flex, 3 pack$35.00
UNVRUniFi 4Bay Network Video Recorder$299.00
UVC-G4-Bullet-3UVC G4 Outdoor/Indoor Camera$590.00
UVC-G4-Dome4MP UniFi Protect Camera for ceiling mount applications$179.00
UVC-G4-IRExtenderLong-range IR LED accessory for UVC-G4$79.00
UVC-G4-Doorbell-PS- USUVC-G4-Doorbell Power Supply$29.00
UDIM-ATUnifi Light Dimmer PoE powered$49.00
UDIM-ACUniFi Light Dimmer AC powered$59.00
ULED-ACUnifi LED Panel, AC powered$159.00
ULED-ATUnifi LED Panel, PoE powered$139.00
UDIM-AT-5UniFi Light Dimmer, PoE Powered, 5-Pack$215.00
ULED-AC-2Unifi LED Panel 2×2 AC powered, 2 pack$289.00
UDIM-AC-3UniFi Light Dimmer AC powered, 3 pack$169.00
ULED-AT-2-USUnifi LED Panel 2’x2’ PoE powered, 2 pack$259.00
UA-Card-USUniFi Access Card (20 pcs included)$40.00
UA-Lite-USUniFi Access Reader Lite$99.00
UA-Pro-USUniFi Access Reader Pro$299.00
UA-Hub-USUniFi Access Hub$199.00
UA-SK-USUniFi Access Starter Kit$499.00
POE-24-12W-WH24v, .5A POE, white$9.00
POE-24-24W-WH24v, 1A POE, white$15.00
POE-24-24W-G-WH24v, 1A Giga POE, white$15.00
XR2XR2 mini PCI PCBA$105.00
XR5XR5 mini PCI PCBA$105.00
RD-5G31-AC5GHz RocketDish, 31dBi, AC$339.00
AF-5airFiber, 5Ghz$999.00
AF-5UairFiber, 5GHz Upper band$999.00
PBE-5AC-620PowerBeam 5AC, 620mm$219.00
RD-5G30-LWRocketDish 5G Light weight$109.00
PBE-M5-400PowerBeam M5, 400mm$95.00
PBE-5AC-500PowerBeam 5AC, 500mm$159.00
AF-5G30-S45airFiber Dish, 5GHz 30dBi, Slant 45$125.00
AF-24HDAirFiber 24GHz, HD$3,000.00
AF-5G23-S45airFiber Dish, 5GHz 23dBi, Slant45$99.00
AF-5G-OMT-S45airFiber 5GHz OMT, Slant45$39.00
AF-5G34-S45airFiber Dish, 5GHz 34dBi, Slant 45$339.00
AF-2XairFiber 2X$499.00
AF-3XairFiber 3X$799.00
AF-2G24-S45airFiber Dish, 2GHz 24dBi, Slant45$229.00
AF-3G26-S45airFiber Dish, 3GHz 26dBi, Slant45$299.00
AF-MPx4airFiber Multiplexer, 4×4$89.00
AF-MPx8airFiber Multiplexer, 8×8$119.00
AF-4XairFiber 4X$399.00
AF-5XHDAirFiber 5XHD 1Gbps+ PTP Radio with LTU Technology$429.00
F-POE-G2FiberPOE, G2$29.00
Horn-5-30Horn 5GHz, 30 deg$79.00
Horn-5-45Horn, 5GHz, 45 deg$79.00
Horn-5-60Horn, 5GHz, 60 deg$79.00
Horn-5-90Horn, 5GHz, 90 deg$79.00
AF11-Complete-HBAirFiber Full-Duplex 11GHz Radio System with High Band Support$1,499.00
AF11-Complete-LBAirFiber Full-Duplex 11GHz Radio System with Low Band Support$1,499.00
AF-11-DUP-HAirFiber 11 High Band Duplexer Accessory$199.00
AF-11-DUP-LAirFiber 11 Low Band Duplexer Accessory$199.00
AF60airFiber 60GHz/5GHz radio system with 1Gbps+ throughput and 3km+ range$299.00
LTU-Rocket5GHz PTMP LTU AP with External Antenna Support$399.00
AF-111.2Gbps+ Ultra low-latency, Frequency Full-Duplex Licensed 11GHz Radio System$999.00
AF60-LR-USLong Range 12km+ PTP 60GHz radio system$399.00
AF-24AirFiber, 24GHz$1,497.50
AM-V2G-Ti2.4GHz AirMax BaseStation, Variable 60-120, Titanium$269.00
AM-M-V5G-Ti5GHz AirMax BaseStation,Mid Gain, Variable 60-120, Titanium$170.00
NBE-M5-16NanoBeam M5, 16dBi$67.00
AM-5AC22-455GHz AirMax BaseStation, 22dBi, 45 deg, AC$199.00
NBE-WMKNanoBeam Wall Mount Kit$2.25
LBE-M5-23LiteBeam M5, 23dBi, AirMax CPE$49.00
ISO-Beam-620Isolator Ring, 620mm$79.00
PBE-M5-300PowerBeam M5, 300mm$79.00
PBE-RAD-400PowerBeam Radome, 400mm$13.00
PBE-M2-400PowerBeam M2, 400mm$79.00
AM-5AC21-605GHz AirMax BaseStation, 21dBi, 60 deg, AC$199.00
R5AC-LiteRocket 5AC Lite$135.00
AP-5AC-90-HDairPRISM 5GHz, 3×30 deg, High Density$499.00
PAK-620Precision Alignment Kit, 620mm$35.00
PBE-2AC-400PowerBeam 2AC, 400mm$119.00
PBE-M5-300-ISOPowerBeam M5, 300mm, Isolator$95.00
PBE-M5-400-ISOPowerBeam M5, 400mm, Isolator$109.00
NS-WMNS-WM NS Window/Wall Mount$19.00
PBE-5AC-400-ISO-USPowerBeam 5AC, 400mm, Isolator, US$129.00
BulletM2-HPBullet2 MIMO CPE, AirMax$79.00
NSM2NanoStation2 MIMO CPE, AirMax$89.00
NSM5NanoStation5 MIMO CPE, AirMax$89.00
RocketM2Rocket2 MIMO, AirMax$89.00
INS-3AF-O-G802.3AF Adapter, Outdoor, Gigabit$21.00
INS-3AF-I-G802.3AF Adapter, Indoor, Gigabit$20.00
NBE-16-WMNanoBeam 16 Window Mount$7.00
ISO-BEAM-16NanoBeam Isolator Shield, 16$10.00
RocketM5Rocket5 MIMO, AirMax$89.00
ISO-BEAM-19NanoBeam Isolator Shield, 19$12.00
RD-5G305GHz RocketDish, 30dBi, Rocket Kit$149.00
AM-5G17-905GHz AirMax BaseStation, 17dBi, 90 deg, rocket kit$79.00
AM-5G16-1205GHz AirMax BaseStation, 16dBi, 120 deg, rocket kit$79.00
AM-5G20-905GHz AirMax BaseStation, 20dBi, 90 deg, rocket kit$139.00
AM-5G19-1205GHz AirMax BaseStation, 19dBi, 120 deg, rocket kit$139.00
AM-2G16-902GHz AirMax BaseStation, 16dBi, 90 deg, rocket kit$139.00
AM-2G15-1202GHz AirMax BaseStation, 15dBi, 120 deg, rocket kit$139.00
INS-8023af-IInstant 802.3af, Indoor$19.00
INS-8023af-OInstant 802.3af, Outdoor$19.00
LBE-5AC-Gen2LiteBeam 5AC Gen2$65.00
NBE-5AC-Gen2NanoBeam 5AC Gen2$99.00
IS-5ACISO Station 5AC$129.00
IS-M5ISO Station, M5$109.00
PBE-5AC-Gen2PowerBeam 5AC Gen2$119.00
PS-5ACPrismStation 5AC$299.00
RP-5AC-Gen2Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2$249.00
LocoM5NanoLocoM5 MIMO CPE, AirMax$67.00
RocketM365RocketM365, AirMax$179.00
PBE-5AC-Gen2-5PowerBeam 5AC Gen2, 5 pack$580.00
B-DB-ACBullet, Dual Band, AC$99.00
INS-3AF-USBInstant 802.3AF to USB adaptor$19.00
LBE-5AC-Gen2-5LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 5 pack$320.00
NBE-2AC-13NanoBeam 2AC, 13dBi$99.00
RD-5G345GHz RocketDish, 34dBi, Rocket Kit$329.00
PBE-5AC-ISO-Gen2PowerBeam 5AC Isolator, Gen 2$135.00
RD-3G263GHz RocketDish, 26dBi, Rocket Kit$229.00
BulletAC-IP67Bullet, Dual Band, AC, Titanium$129.00
LAP-120LiteBeam 5AC, 16dbi 120 deg$89.00
LBE-5AC-LRLiteBeam 5AC, Long-Range$109.00
LAP-GPSLiteBeam 5AC, 17dBi 90 deg, GPS$99.00
LocoM2NanoLocoM2 MIMO CPE, AirMax$49.00
GBEGiga BEAM 60GHz/5GHz radio system with 1Gbps+ throughput$129.00
GBE-LRGiga BEAM 60GHz/5GHz radio system with 1Gbps+ throughput and 3km
+ range
UB-AMUniversal Antenna Mount$7.00
R2AC-PRISMRocket 2AC with management wi-fi radio$209.00
Loco5ACNanoStation 5AC Loco$49.00
Loco5AC-5NanoStation 5AC Loco 5 pack$240.00
AM-3G18-1203GHz AirMax BaseStation, 18dBi, 120 deg, rocket kit$199.00
LTU-Pro5GHz LTU Client Radio with Advanced RF Performance$179.00
AM-9M13-120900MHz AirMax BaseStation, 13dBi, 120 deg, rocket kit$269.00
LTU-Lite5GHz LTU Client Radio$99.00
NSM365NanoStation365 MIMO CPE, AirMax$129.00
LTU-LR5GHz Long-Range LTU Client Radio$129.00
GBE-PlusAirMax 60GHz Gigabit PTP and Subscriber Radio$179.00
RD-2G242.4GHz RocketDish, 24dBi, Rocket Kit$169.00
RAD-RD2Radome for RocketDish, 2 foot$59.00
RAD-RD3Radome for RocketDish, 3 foot$89.00
RocketM3RocketM3, AirMax$179.00
NB-OD3offsetdish, 3GHz
NB-OD9offsetdish, 900MHz$22.00
AMO-2G102.4GHz AirMax Omni, 10dBi, rocket kit$175.00
AMO-2G132.4GHz AirMax Omni, 13dBi, rocket kit$245.00
AMO-5G105GHz AirMax Omni, 10dBi, rocket kit$125.00
AMO-5G135GHz AirMax Omni, 13dBi, rocket kit$165.00
AMY-9M16x2AirMax Dual Yagi Antenna$209.00
AMO-3G123GHz AirMax Omni, 12dBi, rocket kit$159.00
ACB-ACAirCube AC WiFi Router$79.00
ACB-ISPAirCube ISP WiFi Router$29.00
ERLite-3EdgeRouter Lite, 3-port Router$129.00
ER-X-SFPEdgeRouter X, 6-port, POE, SFP$99.00
EP-R8EdgePoint Router, 8-port$509.00
ER-XEdgeRouter X, 5-port$59.00
EP-R6EdgePoint Router, 6 port$140.00
ER-8-XG10-Gigabit SFP+ EdgeRouter$1,849.00
ER-6PEdgeRouter 6-port$259.00
ER-4EdgeRouter 4-port$199.00
ER-10XEdgeRouter 10X$109.00
ER-12EdgeRouter 12$249.00
ER-RMKITEdgeRouter Rack Mount Kit, Rack mount for ER-4 and ER-6$15.00
ER-12PEdgeRouter 12P$299.00
ES-48-750WEdge Switch, 48 port, 750W$1,099.00
ES-48-500WEdge Switch, 48 port, 500W$899.00
ES-24-250WEdge Switch, 24, 250W$399.00
ES-24-500WEdge Switch, 24, 500W$595.00
ES-24-LiteEdgeSwitch 24, Lite, non POE$240.00
ES-48-LiteEdgeSwitch 48, Lite, non POE$460.00
ES-12FEdgeSwitch 12, Fiber$244.00
EP-S16EdgePoint Switch, 16 port$529.00
ES-16-150WEdgeSwitch, 16, 150W$329.00
ES-16-XGEdgeSwitch, 16 port, 10G$669.00
ES-8-150WEdgeSwitch 8 Port, 150 W$199.00
ES-5XPEdgeSwitch 5XP$105.00
ES-16XPEdgeSwitch 16XP$465.00
ES-10XPEdgeswitch 10XP$129.00
ES-10XEdgeswitch 10X$115.00
SM-SP-40SunMax SolarPoint$199.00
SM-SW-40Solar Switch$199.00
ES-18XEdgeswitch 18X$169.00
EP-54V-150W-ACEdgePower, 54V, 150W, AC/DC Module$79.00
EP-54V-150W-DCEdgePower, 54V, 150W, DC/DC Module with built-in battery charger$79.00
EP-24V-72WEdgePower 24V-72W$159.00
EP-54V-72WEdgePower 54V-72W$159.00
U-Cable-C6-CMRUniFi Cable Cat6 CMR rating$149.00
U-Cable-C6-CMPUniFi Cable Cat6 CMP rating$249.00
RPS-AC-100WRedundant Power Supply, AC, 100W$69.00
RPS-DC-100WRedundant Power Supply, DC, 100W$89.00
UF-MM-1GU Fiber, Multi-Mode Module, 1G, 2-PACK$17.00
UF-MM-1G-20U Fiber, Multi-Mode Module, 1G, 20-PACK$150.00
UF-MM-10GU Fiber, Multi-Mode Module, 10G, 2-PACK$38.00
UF-MM-10G-20U Fiber, Multi-Mode Module, 10G, 20-PACK$360.00
UF-SM-1G-SU Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 1G, BiDi, 2-PACK$22.00
UF-SM-1G-S-20U Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 1G, BiDi, 20-PACK$190.00
UF-SM-10GU Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 10G, 2-PACK$85.00
UF-SM-10G-20U Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 10G, 20-PACK$750.00
UF-SM-10G-SU Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 10G, BiDi, 2-PACK$160.00
UF-SM-10G-S-20U Fiber, Single-Mode Module, 10G, BiDi, 20-PACK$1,450.00
UF-OLTFiber OLT$1,799.00
UF-NanoFiber Nano$69.00
UF-GP-B+U Fiber GPON B+$79.00
UF-RJ45-1GRJ45 – SFP Transceiver Module, SFP to RJ45$19.50
UF-LOCOFiber Nano Loco$49.00
UF-LOCO-5Fiber Nano Loco 5 pack, no power adapter$225.00
UF-LOCO-20Fiber Nano Loco 20 pack, no power adapter$899.00
UF-OLT-4512 Client Capacity GPON OLT with UNMS Management System$1,189.00
UF-AEUFiber ActiveEthernet$27.00
UF-RJ45-10GRJ45 – 10Gbps SFP+ Transceiver Module, SFP+ to RJ45$65.00
MUSB-1A-B-5Micro USB Power supply for UFiber Loco$15.00
UF-WiFiUFiber WiFi$69.00
FC-SM-100Fiber Cable, Single Mode, 100$59.00
FC-SM-200Fiber Cable, Single Mode, 200$89.00
FC-SM-300Fiber Cable, Single Mode, 300$119.00
UDC-1UniFi Direct Attach Copper Cable, 10gbps, 1 meter$20.00
UDC-2UniFi Direct Attach Copper Cable, 10gbps, 2 meter$25.00
UDC-3UniFi Direct Attach Copper Cable, 10gbps, 3 meter$30.00
UF-SPLITTER-32UFiber Splitter 1:32$43.00
UF-SPLITTER-16UFiber Splitter 1:16$24.00
UF-SPLITTER-8UFiber Splitter 1:8$13.00
UF-SPLITTER-4UFiber Splitter 1:4$10.00
UF-InstantUFiber Instant$39.00
POE-50-60WPOE 50v, 1.2A$17.00
POE-48-24W-GPOE48V, .5A, GigE$16.00
POE-24-12W-G24v, .5A Giga POE$15.00
POE-WMPOE Wall Mount$1.00
POE-24-24W-GPOE Injector, 24VDC, 24W, Gbit$16.00
POE-24-AF5XPOE Injector, 24VDC, 24W, Gbit for AF5X$16.00
POE-24-30WPOE Injector, 24VDC, 30W$16.00
POE-15-12WPOE 15V$9.00
POE-24-24WPOE 24V$15.00
POE-54V-80W54v, 1.5A Giga POE$29.00
POE-24-30W-G-WH24v, 1.25A Giga POE, white$16.00
POE-24-24W-5P24v, 1A Giga POE, white, 5-pack$49.00
POE-24-12W-5P24v, .5A Giga POE, white, 5-pack$39.00
POE-48-24WPOE 48V$15.00
POE-24-7W-G-WH24v POE, .3A, Giga$6.00
POE-24-12WPOE 24V$9.00
Quick-MountTool-less quick mount for Ubiquiti CPE products$19.00
AFi-P-HD-USAmpliFi HD Extender, US$130.00
AFi-HD-USAmpliFi HD, US$349.00
AFi-RAmpliFi HD Router$150.00
AFi-GAmpliFi Gaming WiFi$379.00
AFi-INSAmpliFi Instant Kit$179.99
AFi-INS-RAmpliFi Instant Router$99.00
AFi-ALN-USAmpliFi Alien WiFi Kit$699.00
AFi-ALN-R-USAmpliFi Alien Router$379.00
training-certificate- UBRSAstudent certificate (UBRSA)$0.25
training-certificate- UBRSStraining-certificate-UBRSS$0.25
training-certificate- UBWAtraining-certificate-UBWA$0.25
training-certificate- UBWStraining-certificate-UBWS$0.25
training-certificate- UEWAtraining-certificate-UEWA$0.25
Training-certificate- UNSTraining-certificate-UNS$0.25
FRFrontRow Wear$399.00
UAP-BeaconHD-US4×4 11AC Wave2 UniFi Wall-Plug Extender with integrated BLE 5.0$129.00
60G-PM60GHz Precision Alignment Mount$79.00