VOIP PBX systems and Support by Factory Certified Staff

Stauffer Technologies, Inc has been involved with computer telephony since its inception. We are Certified on Grandstream, Sangoma, and Avaya solutions, and can provide any level of office integration support required. This powerful and dependable  system can provide features previously only available in very high end systems, and now remote offices, connections from home, other software can be accomplished, often easily. We can also connect to our Advants IVR system, and we can also build high quality IVR systems utilizing our Advants 16 for Linux product.

A select few of the typical features include

  • Virtually all popular office features
  • Multi site connectivity, system scalability
  • Native SIP
  • Impressive list of call center features
  • Remote agent, multi location call center support
  • Integration with software
  • Web base administration
  • Can connect to a large number of phone handsets, trunks seamlessly from anywhere in the world
  • Conference calling
  • Video teleconferencing and online meetings

Stauffer Technologies can help with all aspects from system specification and planning, procurement, installation, setup, training, support, as well as integration with your database as well as custom voice recognition menus. For more info contact us

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